Up your game this winter. Promotional products are a clever way to keep your brand at the forefront of your clients’ minds. But, as many of us can attest to, unuseful items end up in the junk drawer, (admit it, every home has that one embarrassing drawer!) The key to successfully grabbing and keeping the attention of prospects and customers is to provide branded promotional products that are:

  •         Beneficial – to be used and seen regularly.
  •         Quality – to avoid being tossed into the aforementioned drawer.
  •         Wellbranded – to get your message across.
  •         Seasonal – to give you a reason to distribute them.

Winter-warmer promotional products to cheer up your recipients 

Brand managers and purchasing managers, add some merriment to the end of rather a dismal year! Here is some inspiration from our winter products catalogue:

Reflective helmet cover. COVID-19 lockdowns emptied roads and drastically reduced transit services. This made way for cyclists to take back streets as a socially distanced mode of transport. Additionally, it is good for the environment and a brilliant substitute for working out in a gym.

Stay safely visible on the roads as the days get shorter with a neon green helmet made of water-resistant polyester with reflective glass bead material. Select up to four colours for your logo.

Reflector LED lights. As daylight hours decrease, so the need for a source of light increases. Print your logo on one of these varieties:

  • Klip reflector LED lights have either a black, blue, light green, or red back clip and two light settings.
  • Outdoors reflector LED lights are available with a black, green, red, or yellow flexible silicon strap for easy connecting to your bike or bag.
  • Reflector LED keychain lights come in blue, light green, orange, red, or yellow. The sturdy carabiner has a chrome clip.

Bonus! All LED lights come with batteries included so that they can be used right away.

Hi-vis vests. Not necessarily the most glamorous gift, but a very hands-on promotional option:

  • Reflective soft collars offer 360-degree reflection making them an ideal way to increase the visibility of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Reflective unisex safety vests are available in all sizes. Stay safe by standing out in the dark with these neon green vests.
  • Safety vests (non-professional use) are compliant with EU Regulation 2016/425/EU Personal Protective Equipment Category II. Choose from three neon colours – green, orange, or pink.
  • Safety vests (professional use,.specification EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 and EU Regulation 2016/425/EU Personal Protective Equipment Category II compliant) combine safety with branding in a practical way.

But that’s not all

As a leader in the supply of branded promotional merchandise, Tara Slevin Group has the most extensive range to suit your business’s promotional needs. We take pride in our wide product range, great customer service, and value for money.

For more information on winter promotional products and so much more, contact us today.

Tara Slevin Promotional merchandise products

Tara Slevin Promotional merchandise products