Everyone loves a bit of company swag to bring home when they go to a tradeshow. Branded trade show giveaways are the perfect way to make a lasting impression on your corporate clients. Promotional merchandise that is ideal for trade show giveaways includes products for everyday use, products that people can wear and sustainable, eco-conscious products.

Promotional Products for Everyday Use (Drinkware, Stationery, Bags)

Promotional trade show giveaways have the most impact when they are things that people will use more than once. Even better when those items are everyday items.

Multiple and everyday use promotional gifts you can have branded for your next tradeshow giveaway include:

  • Promotional Drinkware – from reusable water bottles to coffee mugs. Promotional drinkware has a proven track record for long-term brand visibility. This makes them ideal for trade show giveaways.
  • Branded Office Supplies – from pens and pen holders to branded desk pads, diaries and more, office supplies and stationery offer a range of items for trade show giveaways. Items such as custom pens are ideal for small, portable promotional gifts. Larger items such as diaries show investment in your B2B marketing and pass the message to corporate partners that you are willing to spend on them.
  • Bags – from drawstring bags to sports bags and backpacks, branded bags are a highly cost-effective way to increase brand visibility. Bags are practical, every-day use products with broad appeal. They offer an ideal canvas for highly visible branding – helping to spread your brand awareness far further, and far beyond the demographic targeted by a tradeshow giveaway.

Promotional Items People Can Wear (T-shirts, Caps, Etc)

Promotional items that people can wear make great tradeshow giveaways. They are useful, practical and long-lasting. Promotional clothing is a tried-and-tested method of increasing brand reach. What better brand advertising can there be than having your clients and prospective clients sporting a T-shirt, cap or sports jacket with your logo on it?

Branded clothing – especially high-quality clothing – also conveys a sense of trust and establishment. Having your logo on high-quality clothing indicates that your business is successful and has a good reputation. Why else would people wear your logo?

Sustainable Promotional Merchandise

Sustainable products make great trade show giveaways for various reasons. They enhance a company’s eco-friendly image, increase brand exposure, promote sustainable behaviour, and align with event themes. This strategy can be effective in boosting brand reputation and loyalty. 

Bamboo products are one of the best sustainable product ranges and are ideal for trade show giveaways. There is a huge range of bamboo items that replace everyday use items usually made of plastic or metal, offering a far more attractive and eco-conscious option. 

Your B2B customers and prospective customers are sure to love any bamboo promotional products featuring your brand. Bamboo mobile phone accessories are just one popular option for branded sustainable trade show freebies.

Why Choose Tara Slevin for Your Next Trade show Giveaway?

Promotional products for trade show giveaways offer the most return on investment when they are chosen with the customer in mind. That ethic is core to what Tara Slevin is all about. With over 38 year’s experience in providing promotional items and gifts for corporate marketing and tradeshow giveaways, Tara Slevin is best positioned to help you with your promotional campaign.

Whether you go for everyday use items, branded clothing or eco-conscious bamboo products, whether you choose fun and quirky or something more staid and serious, Tara Slevin has it all.

Contact Tara Slevin today for your tradeshow giveaways. We have the ideal range of high-quality products just waiting for your branding – to promote your business profile to your target audience.