Protect your staff and clients with promotional PPE

Tara Slevin Group offers a complete range of Promotional PPE options that can help you promote your brand while also keeping your staff and customers safe and healthy. Our branded safety equipment range includes the following:

Branded face masks

Choose from five different face covering designs to suit your style, comfort requirements and color and branding preferences. These include washable, double layer face masks, reusable triple-layer sublimation masks, PET face shields and anti-microbial masks.

Branded Anti-bacterial pen

Pens are essential equipment and/or corporate gifts or mementos. Bring your branded pens in line with the new normal by choosing our anti-microbial options. Our click-action pens are treated with a silver nano powder additive that reduces the growth of micro-organisms on the pen’s surface. These pens are ideal in environments where pen sharing is common.

Hand sanitiser

In addition to having hand sanitisers at all entrances, inside your office, as well as kitchens and toilets, it’s a good idea for your stakeholders to carry hand cleansers with them as they go through their workday. Tara Slevin Group has a range of handy cleansers with easily brandable containers, ranging from pump bottles to flip-cap bottles.

Hygiene multitools

With the risk of contamination being a real and constant concern, even simple everyday tasks such as opening doors, pressing buttons or tapping touch screens have become loaded with health worries. Our hygiene multitools enable a ‘hands-off’ approach to these actions. Choose from attractively designed aluminium or zinc alloy multitools to help you keep your hands sanitary. 

Safe Packs

For corporate gifting or to issue to your staff, you can create special Safe Packs, selecting your favourite products from our range and combining them into complete PPE packs to protect clients and team members during their everyday working routines.

Browse our entire promotional PPE product selection, as well as our full range of branded products.