Branded Stress Relievers

Grow Your Brand the Fun and Squishy Way

Promote Your Brand with a Custom Branded Stress Reliever Ball. The stress balls and toys are affordable and your consumers will be reminded of your brand each time they melt away their tension when they use the custom stress balls.

The squishy feeling of custom stress relievers will help your consumers calm their nerves while also promoting your brand. They are always irresistible and are a great giveaway for consumers of all ages.

Get your brand noticed and squeeze your way into a calmer marketing strategy using personalised stress balls or a more unconventional custom stress toy.

A custom stress ball is a popular stress and tension relieving tool. And, it is used by many – not only at the office, but also at home. Stress balls are a very popular novelty item and, therefore, are the perfect giveaway when increasing your awareness and promoting your brand.

Help your customers and employees to go through a tense and stressful time by gifting them with personalised stress balls – they will appreciate it.

With your logo printed on them, these custom stress relievers will provide you with a great way of promoting your image and brand.

Everyone loves stress balls! And, whether you prefer the traditional round personalised stress balls or a fun and shapely custom stress toy, you are guaranteed to find an item amongst our vast selection that your consumers will truly love and appreciate.

Choose your affordable custom stress balls from our wide selection, and gift them to your employees just to show how much you appreciate them. You can even give them away as party favours at a company event or luncheon.

Custom stress relievers come in different shapes and sizes. So, you can choose the shape and design you like. We boast a vast selection, including a smiley face stress ball, a stress cube, a stress sports car shape, a stress mini-van, stress running key rings, a stress horse, a stress lorry, a stress cow, a stress guitar key ring or a stress ambulance, no matter what it is you need, we have got you covered with our branded stress reliever range. And, we will brand your selection for you.