Heat up Your Marketing with

Promotional Summer Products


The warm summer weather gives you the perfect reason to step up your brand’s awareness with the coolest summer promotional products. Summer is always one of the perfect times to get out, cool off and enjoy the sun. Be part of summer with personalised summer products that your customers will love. 


Your clients will benefit from our wide range of summer products like personalised beach balls, personalised Frisbees, children's sand games, handheld fans, foldable beach chairs, inflatable footballs, foldable beach mats, cooler bags, water bottles, waterproof phone PVC pouches and other promotional summer products that can be customised with your logo.


Your brand will stand out on the beach and parks during the summer. And, with the various activities lined up for summer, you will have an excellent chance of promoting your brand and business with these amazing and stylish promotional products.


If you are organising a summer-themed event, get some personalised Frisbees and personalised wooden bats for fun outdoor games that your guests are sure to enjoy during the warm weather. Do not forget to give your customers, employees and associates a custom printed sunscreen that they will need during the season.

Let Your Brand be Part of the Fun with

Personalised Beach Balls 

The beach and summer always go hand-in-hand. This means that your consumers will need a beach ball while enjoying the water on the beach or swimming pool. Your personalised beach balls are an ideal giveaway. Your consumers will thank you for a free ball to play with while you will also benefit from the brand exposure and awareness.


Treat your employees, customers or business partners with a promotional summer product that will not only help them to have a fun-filled memorable summer, but that will also promote your brand everywhere they go. 

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