The seasonal impact on promotional gifts is something we at the Tara Slevin Group are very familiar with. And every year, we embrace it with enthusiasm. We want to help our customers build engagement with their customers by using branded promotional products. 

Whether it is retaining the loyalty of long-standing customers or winning new ones, promotional gifts should be part of year-round marketing efforts. But what is the seasonal impact on promotional gifts, and how can your business embrace it?    

What Are Seasonal Promotional Gifts? 

Seasonal promotional gifts are discounts, special offers, or promotions connected to events, holidays, or times of the year. Retailers are very focused with their seasonal promotions, as we see during Easter and Christmas. 

For corporations and other businesses, seasonal promotional gifts are more subtle. Yes, you want to remind or introduce customers to your brand and business, but it is more about relationship building and creating awareness.     

Why is Seasonal Marketing Important – Get Ready for Spring and Summer 

Seasonal marketing is about sending a consistent message about your business or brand and the products or services you offer. Since we are getting ready for spring and summer, appeal to the seasonal needs of your customers with your branded promotional products.

What will your customers be doing during the spring and summer? Going on holiday? Playing sports? Give them a gift that complements your brand but is practical to use. And remember, it is never too early to start planning your corporate Christmas gifts.

So, what are some of the seasonal promotional gift ideas you can give customers? In summer and spring, when your customers are out and about in the better weather, they will appreciate promotional gifts such as the following: 

  1. Water-resistant speakers 
  2. Tritan water bottles with silicone rings
  3. UV check keyrings 
  4. Vented golf umbrellas
  5. Transparent cooler bags 
  6. Terracotta pots 
  7. Transparent inflatable beach balls
  8. Stainless steel barbecue set with apron
  9. Beach tennis sets 
  10. Linen beach bags

And the sky’s the limit. All these seasonal promotional gifts are available at Tara Slevin group and if you are looking for something unusual and out of the box, we can source those for you as well. 

Keep Your Brand Fresh all Year Round 

When planning your marketing strategy, choose to keep your brand fresh all year round. Add new products to your promotional gifts. If you’ve always given pens, change it around this year with a recycled A5 lined notebook. Keep on giving branded umbrellas, it’s practical. But add some wireless earbuds, bamboo spatulas, or a beautifully branded cotton shopping bag to your seasonal promotional gift list.    

At Tara Slevin, the best -selling seasonal promotional gifts include: 

  1. Polyester laptop backpacks
  2. Automatic storm umbrellas 
  3. 3 in 1 charging cable with two connectors 
  4. 4 in 1 hygiene multi-tool keyring 
  5. 70mm wooden golf tees

And of course, much much more. If you are unsure of where to start, we suggest browsing through our range of best-sellers to see what appeals to you and your customer base. 

Tara Slevin Group is a member of Guaranteed Irish and is ready to service small and large companies. We offer eco-friendly corporate products and office supplies, amongst other products. Want to utilise the seasonal impact on promotional products for your business? Contact Tara Slevin Group today.