The current economic situation has necessitated small business promotional products to offer more bang for their buck than ever before. Similarly, as a small business, you want to maximise the impact of your promotional spend by analysing your business, your target audience, and what promotional products are going to appeal to them.

Promotional calendars 

Many funny images and GIFs have been shared during lockdown ridiculing our 2020 calendars and planners. But the human race is nothing if not hopeful, so when it comes to calendars, 2021 will surely bring with it a renewed sense of purpose.

The lockdown has caused recession in Ireland and across the globe causing many companies to go out of business, and many that survive cut back operations to reduce costs in response to decreased demand for their output.

To recover, workers and capital goods that are released from failed businesses or business cutbacks rearrange into new groupings, under new proprietorship, and at new prices. Entrepreneurs with new technologies and fresh organisational forms are the key to this healing process of recovery after a recession.

Everyone who is starting anew or working towards rebuilding their financial state needs to be organised, present, and punctual.

Wall, memo, and desk calendars will be used to maintain important appointments. The “new normal” which we hear so much about will be marked in diaries and calendars as we emerge from the economic doldrums.

What better way to grab the attention of your clients and prospects than with a useful item that also inspires optimism for the year ahead? There are various options from which you can choose, or you can brand one of our bespoke desk calendars.

If you are brand manager or purchasing manager and would like more information on small business promotional products including calendars or diaries, please contact us now!