For both eco-friendly and cost-conscious companies, eco-friendly promotional gifts are the best choice to emphasise your commitment to the environment. Here’s how to make the switch to eco-friendly promotional gifts.

Giveaways at events

Choose eco-friendly products at your next big event. Eco-friendly promotional products make great giveaways at events such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, and sporting events. Even virtual events can offer giveaways as part of competitions or rewards for attendance. Buying in bulk for these events helps you to save money, as well as the environment as bulk packaging uses less plastic.

Choosing a promotional product will depend on your event and target market. For conferences, you can choose office items that target professionals such as pens, coffee cups, and notepads made from recycled materials. We suggest Tara Slevin’s range of eco-friendly corporate items, including a recycled notebook, recycled paper ballpen, and double-wall glass with a bamboo lid.

For sporting events or fitness enthusiasts, you can choose Tara Slevin’s eco-friendly bags, such as our tote bags and cooler bags, eco-friendly drinking bottles and sports towels, and cotton lanyards.

Virtual event giveaways or competitions can include a chance to win recycled wireless earbuds, chargers, or speakers. Attendance gifts for seminars or webinars can include smaller items such as recycled shopping bags, stainless steel straws, and eco-friendly USB flash drives.

Premium corporate gift

Consider giving away an eco-friendly gift to your clients and customers. Choose high-quality, eco-friendly promotional items as friendly gifts to thank them for their service or for purchasing your products. These gifts can be branded with your company’s logo to promote your brand and send out a positive message.

You can also send out eco-friendly gifts to your staff to thank them for their service. These can be items that they can use around the office or personal items they can use at home.

Tara Slevin has a premium corporate gift range that can be branded to help promote your company’s commitment to sustainability. These gifts include recyclable bottles, eco-friendly pens, bamboo reusable cups, recyclable ProBella umbrellas, and long-lasting eco-friendly items such as a recyclable Pod USB stick, cardboard cube desk organiser, and non-woven pencil set case.

Brand ambassadors

Your ambassadors are the face and voice of your brand. Ensure your brand ambassadors use eco-friendly products when representing your brand by gifting them with these items. Your staff also represents your brand and by gifting them with more eco-friendly products, you can help them to utilise these products more often. To better promote your brand, provide gift staff and ambassadors with eco-friendly promotional items that are branded with your company’s details such as your company logo.

The promotional items should be reusable items that users can wear or use often so your company’s logo or name is consistently on display. We suggest the Tara Slevin Group of recycled body warmers, cotton drawstring backpacks, RPET drinking bottles, storm RPET umbrellas, or bamboo double-wall travel mugs.

Using these tips will help you to easily switch over to eco-friendly promotional gifts with help from Tara Slevin Group. Our range of eco-friendly products can be branded to promote your business’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Choose from premium or budget-friendly eco-friendly promotional merchandise and gifts to suit your recipient.

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