Tara Slevin Group’s diary shop

Are you looking for stylish, unbranded diaries for yourself or your business? Then you need to browse through the diverse selection found at Tara Slevin Group’s online diary shop. These diaries are all minimalistic, affordable and can be purchased both in single units or in bulk depending on your needs.

Types of diaries

The Tara Slevin Group diary shop offers standard diaries, pocket diaries, deluxe diaries, and supreme deluxe diaries in a host of attractive colours including blue, green, black, and burgundy:

  • Standard diary: All of our standard diaries come with durable leather-look covers, ribbon markers, luxurious cream paper, and 12 pages of Irish and international information, including Dublin Rail & LUAS Maps and International Holidays.

  • Pocket diary: Our pocket diaries are smaller in size and designed to fit snugly in one’s pocket. They come with Taraflex® Covers, ribbon markers, gold corners, gilt edges, and the same Irish and international information as our standard diaries.

  • Deluxe diary: Our deluxe diaries feature Taraflex® padded covers, ribbon markers, gold corners, gilt edges, cream paper, and the same 12 Pages of Irish and international information as above.

  • Supreme deluxe diary: Our supreme deluxe diaries are exceptionally luxurious and on-trend. They boast the same features as our deluxe diaries but are also larger.

Tara Slevin Group is proud of our diverse range of diaries and can offer clients the convenience of next-day delivery if orders are placed and paid for before 1 pm.

If you would like to learn more about our diary shop, or if you want information regarding our equally impressive custom branded diaries, please do not hesitate to get in touch