The 4 Biggest Trends in Promotional Gifts This New Year 

The promotional gifts that you give to your customers, clients, suppliers and employees say a lot about your business. While a couple of the most important requirements are that they fit in with your brand and provide plenty of use and value, it is also always worthwhile to follow the various corporate gifting trends. So, what does 2020 have in store with regard to this? From eco-friendly promotional items to custom phone accessories, we highlight four of these exciting trends below. 

  • Eco-Friendly Promotional Items 

With sustainability being high on most companies’ list of priorities, and research showing that customers are likely to feel a greater sense of loyalty towards an eco-conscious brand, eco-friendly promotional items are set to be the leading corporate gifting trend in 2020. Think everything from reusable cups to recyclable bottles, and more. 

  • Promotional Ink Pens 

Branded promotional ink pens are a real classic. Not only are they a useful gift that is guaranteed to get plenty of exposure, but they are also extremely affordable to purchase in bulk. Kill two birds with one stone and invest in eco-friendly promotional ink pens, such as bamboo or cardboard ball pens. 

  • Custom Phone Accessories 

Tech-related corporate gifts are set to remain exceptionally trendy in 2020 and beyond. They include car power adaptors, ABS earphones, mobile phone stands and branded selfie sticks, to name a few.

  • Promotional Tote Bags 

The traditional tote bag is back in fashion; hence the reason why promotional tote bags are sure to be popular this year. Along with tote bags, the Tara Slevin Group can also supply a wide selection of drawstring bags, cotton shopping bags and more. 

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