5 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts to Add to Your Wishlist:

There is no denying the fact that eco-friendly promotional gifts are the leading corporate gifting trend. Sustainability is more important than ever before and research has shown that customers feel more loyalty towards a brand that considers the environment in all of its practices. Eco-friendly corporate gifts are not only a great way to show that you care, but also helps to give your brand a sizeable boost. Here are the top five eco-friendly corporate gifts heading your way this year.

  • Promotional Paper Products

Did you know that almost all types of paper are recyclable? Hence, the reason why promotional paper products are so very popular when used as eco-friendly promotional gifts. Excellent examples of promotional paper products include branded bamboo ball pens, cardboard writing folders, recycled notebooks and paper carrying bags.

  • Customisable Tote Bags

Customisable tote bags made out of recycled or recyclable material are amazing eco-friendly promotional gifts because they are both environmentally friendly and extremely useful.

  • Metal and Wooden Keyrings

This is a sustainable take on an old classic. Yes, branded keyrings are still all the rage! These metal and wooden keyrings combine two trends for 2020, namely eco-friendliness and minimalism.

  • Bamboo Reusable Cups

Show me a corporate individual that does not rely on a good, old-fashioned cup of coffee in the mornings? Bamboo reusable cups are ideal for this purpose and can help your clients to drastically reduce their own carbon footprint while you not only reduce your own in the process, but also impress with your corporate responsibility and branding.

  • Recyclable Bottles

These are great for the gym or general rehydration throughout the day. They have been made out of recycled materials (HDPE plastic) that helps to ensure that they are exceptionally kinder to the earth than any other type of plastic drinking bottles. Furthermore, they are affordable to order in bulk and really easy to brand.


Regardless of which eco-friendly promotional gifts you have your eye on, the Tara Slevin Group is here to deliver! Contact us today for more information.