As a business owner, we are sure you want an insight into the best promotional items that can advertise your business and create brand interest effectively. According to reports, 96% of customers want to know when businesses are offering promotional items, while a whopping 99% actively work towards getting their hands on them. Read on to find out more from Tara Slevin, suppliers of high-quality promotional products as well as print and design.


Bags, especially shoppings bags, are considered some of the most popular promotional items that businesses can offer. They are inexpensive, durable and easily customisable with logos and brand names, offering excellent advertising opportunities. Customers are attracted to three factors that every business must consider while designing their bags – the look and design, quality and utility.

Pens, pencils and highlighters

Customising and branding pens, pencils and highlighters may seem old-school but their effectiveness cannot be undermined. Customers always notice what is written on these writing tools, providing high-visibility branding opportunities. Branding pens and other writing tools is cost-effective and can be churned out in the hundreds if required.

Kitchen accessories

Branded kitchen accessories are a favourite among customers as they can use and interact with these items. Mugs, spatulas, silicone gloves – the sky is the limit when it comes to using kitchen accessories as promotional items. These are even more popular when it comes from food and beverage-related businesses, proving that they truly care about their customers’ needs and want to enhance their cooking experience.


One of the most effective promotional items, apparel such as t-shirts, caps, scarves and wristbands provide infinite advertising and visibility opportunities. These usually consist of logos and brand names, promoting teamwork among employees and a sense of belonging in the minds of customers towards the brand. Did you know customers keep promotional t-shirts for about 14 months, making this promotional item one of the most effective ones businesses can use?

If you are a business owner looking to advertise your business through some of the best promotional items, contact Tara Slevin today!