The Festive Season Is Coming – Why Printed USB drives Make the Perfect Promotional Gift 

 Show us a desk without any printed USB drives, and we’ll show you someone who will soon be looking around frantically for a memory stick, buying one or asking to borrow one!

We live in an era when data transfer is one of the most crucial supporting functions of any business. And, that makes the trusty USB drive as essential a piece of personal or corporate equipment as pens and staplers (in fact, possibly even more so).

Because of this, a USB stick is an easy and powerful corporate gift. They are extremely useful and likely to be in constant use – nobody ever has enough of them. Unlike some corporate gifts that might not have the same functional appeal as these little items, USB sticks are extremely unlikely to get put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Your gift recipients will make use of them and will handle them on a regular basis.

This means that, if you take the opportunity to brand your gift USB sticks, your brand will be front of mind for your customers on a very regular basis. You’ve given a useful gift, with which your brand is then closely associated.

At Tara Slevin, we offer a variety of USB sticks in all forms and sizes (both in terms of their physical size and their data capacity). Whether you want twisters, keyrings or aluminium minis, we can supply them and brand them with your logo. Contact us to make branded USBs your choice of promotional gift for the upcoming festive season.