If January finds you a little skint, you are not alone! Budget promotional material is an excellent way to stretch your Euro and promote your business. Do not be fooled by the mention of “budget” – we mean value for money rather than the dreaded rubbishy promotional products the word conjures up.

For a promotional item to earn its keep, it needs to be useful to the recipient so that they use it – and see your company logo – as much as possible. Repeat impressions are the key to establishing your business as a trustworthy supplier.

Promotional Ink Pens

The evergreen promotional ink pen has stood the test of time for good reason. Pens are a great giveaway for your customers as they put your brand right in the palm of their hands.

How often do you find yourself scratching around for a pen? The same is true for your customers, which is why branded pens are always popular. Even more so in this “new normal” of COVID-19 where sharing a pen is a risky move.

We have a variety of personalised pens to impact your brand – from luxury writing implements to budget-friendly plastic pens.

Customisable Totes 

If your promotional spend is a bit bigger, or if you are filtering who receives a gift, customisable totes give you an outstanding bang for your buck.

Not only do they fit all the criteria of a winning corporate gift – useful, practical, portable, visible, relevant  – but promotional bags are environmentally-friendly too.

Tara Slevin Group is an Irish, family-owned enterprise that strives every day to accommodate the needs of our clients. If you are a brand manager or purchasing manager and would like more information on budget promotional material such as promotional ink pens, customisable totes, and more, please contact us now.

Tara Slevin Promotional merchandise products

Tara Slevin Promotional merchandise products