After a bleak year, a branded corporate gift that is thoughtful and useful will go a long way to adding some cheer this festive season. Marketing, brand, and purchasing managers across Ireland have the perfect opportunity to reconnect with existing customers and entice prospective clients with promotional products in the build-up to Christmas.

Despite living in the digital age, doesn’t it seem like there is ever more and more paper to peruse, sign, sort, and store? This is exactly why promotional paper products, paper clip holders, and printed pens will always be well received and never go out of fashion.

Promotional Paper Products 

Choose from branded notepads, sticky notes, block-mate holders, small combo pads, block-mates, desk-mates, wedge-mates, or any other personalised paper product as a handy way to keep your brand top of people’s minds.

Paper Clip Holders 

If you are one of the millions of people across the globe who constantly work to keep their paperwork in order, you will already be convinced of the value of the simple paper clip! They really are helpful little inventions – no wonder early software suites used one as an icon for help.

But as useful as they are, paper clips can easily get tangled. With a selection of customised paper clip holders, you have the perfect way to market your brand with an item that people use every day.


Because pens are used universally – from professionals to pupils and everyone in between – they are an evergreen promotional choice. Despite their small size, pens printed with your logo pack a punch because they are:

  • Useful, so they won’t get thrown away.
  • Mobile, which means that as they are used in various settings, your brand is visible to more people.
  • Affordable and easy to distribute.

As a leader in the supply of branded corporate gifts, Tara Slevin Group has the most extensive range to suit your business’s promotional needs. We take pride in our wide product range, great customer service, and value for money.

For more information on Christmas promotional products and so much more, contact us today.