This time last year we still had no idea that good quality examination gloves would become so prevalent in our daily lives. But with the global COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, it has never been more important for you to take special precautions in terms of protecting your employees and your customers.

While surgical gloves were traditionally made from latex, many people are allergic to this material. The new generation of surgical gloves is made from nitrile which is much more expensive than latex. Luckily, the examination gloves needed in a business environment – from dealing with possible COVID-19 positive folk to cleaning and handling chemicals – are made of vinyl.

What to Look for When Buying Vinyl Examination Gloves 

Usage. First of all, if you are in the medical field, make sure that you use vinyl gloves for examinations only. Otherwise, confirm the specific procedure-related requirements.

For general use, look for disposable gloves that comply with all the requirements of the EN455 standards and CE labelling.

Protection. Look for a glove that offers sufficient tensile strength so that it won’t easily tear. Examination gloves need to be strong and resilient, while at the same time, offering a good through-sensing ability.

Fit. Find vinyl gloves that are extra soft and adapt to the shape of the user’s hand during use. Check that they fit snugly but not too tightly. Loose-fitting gloves make it difficult to grip items, while too-tight gloves are inclined to rip. Consult with your supplier to ensure you choose a comfortable glove size for your team.

Cost. The age-old balance of cost and quality comes into play when selecting examination gloves. The points above should help you make an appropriate decision.

At Tara Slevin Group, we currently offer world-class quality medical supplies to both the healthcare industry and to businesses across Ireland, big and small. For more information on vinyl examination gloves and so much more, contact us today.