As part of a successful marketing strategy, promotional products can play a critical role in improving sales and establishing your company. Promotional products can be used to impress new customers, retain current ones, while sending out a positive message about your brand. Here are a few ways that promotional products can be part of a successful marketing strategy:

They Can Increase Sales

By providing customers with high quality promotional items that are branded with your company logo, you can create brand awareness. Utilise promotional products that can be used regularly to inspire consumers to reach out to you when they are in need of products and services you provide.

Make an Impression With Your Customers 

Everyone likes to receive a useful item, particularly when it is free. This can create a positive feeling towards companies after receiving a useful promotional product. Make sure you give consumers a promotional product that is both useful and of high quality. Studies have shown that promotional ink pens and t-shirts are some of the most appreciated items for consumers.

Increase the Reach of Your Marketing 

The reach of promotional products is not just limited to the person that received it. Each time a consumer uses your promotional product it can be seen by other people, increasing your advertising exposure. With items that are used frequently like promotional ink pens combined with spiral notebooks, you can get a lot of repeated advertising exposure.

Low cost-per-impression 

Promotional products are very cost effective considering the frequent advertising exposure they can provide. They can have a much lower cost-per-impression compared with traditional advertising like television commercials, or magazine advertisements.

It is important to make sure that you use promotional products your customers will use and that they are of high quality. The Tara Slevin Group was founded in 1982, initially supplying office stationery, but eventually diversified to include various promotional marketing products. We are proud members of Guaranteed Irish, and are well positioned to serve the needs of large and small companies alike.