It may be tempting to bask in the glow of your summer holidays, but in the world of corporate gifts, August is the month you should be finalising your end of year corporate gifts for employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Brand managers, marketing managers, and small business owners know that gift-giving is a great way to show appreciation in the workplace and to clients. Here are our picks for the top three 🎅 corporate Christmas gifts in Ireland for 2023.


While not necessarily one of the most unique corporate gifts, not much encapsulates the anticipation of starting the year better than a blank new calendar. 📅 The widespread appeal of custom calendars creates a positive connection with your brand’s identity.

Because promotional products and gifts are used to say thank you while also increasing rapport, a branded calendar is a great fit. Why? Because its focus on the progress of time reflects the history you have created with the recipient, as well as the promise of the year to come. Not only does this highlight trust in your company’s longevity, but it also positions your details where they will be visible for the next twelve months!

Promo calendars come in a variety of themes so that you will find one that suits both the needs of the recipients and the image of your business. You may prefer a bespoke calendar designed especially for you by our designers.

Tip from the top: As well as including your business name and logo, contact information, slogan, and advertising message, choose images that communicate philosophies that cannot be expressed merely with words.


The accompanying expectation of a fresh start and optimism for the year ahead have cemented branded business diaries 📓 place as an evergreen corporate gift. When you choose a diary, you are in essence giving your employees or customers the gift of time.

Bespoke branded diaries are considered the number one year-end token of appreciation despite the increase in digital devices. The reason is that traditional desk diaries use the same principle that makes notetaking using pen and paper more effective than electronic – the information sticks!

Professors Audrey van der Meer and Ruud van der Weel from the University of Norway used an EEG sensor to measure the brain activity of people writing by hand and people typing. Their study showed that writing engages the brain far more than using a keyboard, proving the value of handwriting in the digital age.

Choose a dairy that most suits the recipient:

  • Deluxe diaries. The stylish padded cover, ribbon marker, elegant gold corners and gilt edges, and cream paper hint at the useful information within.
  • Standard diaries. Budget-friendly hard-cover diaries that are minimalist, yet tick all the boxes.
  • Spiral-bound diaries: Tara Slevin Group’s unique spiral-bound diaries are eye-catching and creative.
  • Pocket diaries: Pocket-sized for convenience.
  • Coverful diaries: Full colour printed covers with a protective gloss laminate ensure that your brand stands out.

Tip from the top: You can even use yours to make a note to order your corporate Easter gifts 🐰 long before the 7th of April!

Office Utilities

Office utilities as corporate gifts are an exciting way to ensure that your brand message gets maximum mileage. Falling into this category are promotional products such as bar and drinkware, elegant writing instruments, and electronic gadgets.

The fun part of putting together a gift hamper filled with utilities is in deciding what common thread they share. Giving your thank you packs a theme unites the collection of objects. Our creative team is bursting with ideas to suit your budget.

Tip from the top: Choose Tara Slevin Group as your one-stop shop for end of year 🎁 branded corporate gifts. Let an Irish-owned institution with 40 years’ experience help you select the perfect embodiment of your brand for your 2023 promotional products. For information and inspiration with corporate gifts in Ireland, contact us without delay.