When you are looking for corporate promotional products, you need something that stands out. Your customers have seen the usual items before. Everyone has mugs and pens with their logo on them. They are really useful gifts, that’s why most businesses give them out.

If you want your brand to get noticed, you need a unique approach. The key to the success of a promotional campaign is choosing the right idea. Here are some practical tips on choosing the right theme for your promotional products.

Which Promotional Items to Choose? 

Companies use promotional products to promote their brand. They are an advertising billboard that customers take away with them. It’s important to pick products that will get their attention and that means it has to be something people will use often. The right merchandise will attract new business so look for a company that can supply a wide variety of great promotional gifts.

What are Super Effective B2B Promotional Products? 

Personalised clothing like t-shirts is perfect for getting your message out. You can put your logo in large print so everyone can see it. Other effective B2B marketing products you can use to promote your business are:

  • PPE Masks and hand cleansing gel 
  • Notebooks Folders, diaries, notepads, and pens
  • Phone Accessories Holders, chargers, and wallets 
  • Drinking Vessels Water bottles, travel mugs and glassware

What are the Latest B2B Platforms & Trends to Promote Products?

Some of the more recent platforms used for promoting products B2B include:

  • LinkedIn This produces over 50% of social traffic in business and generates the majority of leads
  • Content Marketing Creating content for consumers to learn about your business is vital in today’s digital landscape
  • Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are where consumers go to find the products and services they need.

If you are in the market for corporate promotional products, we can help. Tara Slevin Group has been building brands for over 38 years and is here to assist you with your corporate promotional products in Ireland. We have the trendiest products and promotional items for you. Contact us today for more information.