Are you tired of the blah? Here are some tips and ideas for corporate promotional products from an Irish industry expert.

Which Promotional Items To Choose?

While the classics certainly have their place – and have earned it for good reason – there comes a time to look at new ideas.

Yes, those T-shirts, pens and caps are perennial favourites and remain among the most useful and popular promotional products, but you should consider adding to your promotional product portfolio with something new and exciting.

Look at what is happening in the world around you and do not get left behind. The global pandemic created a business crisis, but it also provided businesses with the opportunity to pivot. Branded PPE items became the trend almost instantly and are still delivering. Many corporates thought that the mask would not be around for long and missed out on an opportunity to brand people’s FACES!

Choose items that will create a buzz but make sure that you are not wasting too much money and effort on gimmicks. People love to receive tech gadgets and use them for a long time. USB drives and pop sockets for smartphones have become hugely popular of late.

What Are Super Effective B2B Promotional Products?

The way that we use promotional products in marketing has changed in recent years. Traditional marketing methods took a broader approach and group a range of recipients into the same campaign. The go-to option was to gift customers with everyday items that most people use, such as pens, bags, and mugs. Of course, this worked because we use these items, and the brand gets the exposure we wanted.

However, today’s trend is to take a more focused approach. In B2B marketing, your brand can benefit from bespoke, high-quality products to a smaller target audience. Technology has given us more possibilities too. We can now print on almost any surface – or even on no surface with 3D printing! It has allowed us to do shorter runs of promotional items at reasonable prices and has also allowed more scope for bespoke options, making it easier to impress.

What Are The Latest B2B Platforms And Trends To Promote Products?

Following the latest B2B marketing trend might not revolutionise your business, but the knowledge will undoubtedly help you stay ahead of the competition. When you can analyse your place in the market and the trends that impact it, you will be able to make more strategic decisions.

Generational demographics do affect these trends. It is estimated that 73% of all B2B buyers are millennials, so customer-experience expectations are ingrained into their lifestyles and buying habits as they were brought up in digital-first environments.

Your target audience can be reached, you just need to know which social media platform to find them on. Two years ago, we were not even considering TikTok but today, businesses would be crazy to ignore it. LinkedIn is often overlooked but the platform accounts for over half of all B2B social traffic and 80% of leads for new business.

Brand awareness has become a much more interesting field and B2B marketers are finding innovative ways to reach not only the largest number of people, but the right people.

Promotional items are helping marketers in this quest as recipients value the thought that goes into the promotional campaign and promotional product distributors continue to source products and generate ideas that will excite the recipient and thereby keep that brand top-of-mind.

Tara Slevin Group’s promotional products are leading the way in B2B marketing. Contact us without delay to find out what incredible corporate promotional products we can offer you to promote your business in Ireland.