Looking to Boost your brand with the top 10 promotional products for 2024? You have come to the right place! Tara Slevin Group has been a leader in the supply of branded promotional products in Ireland for more than forty years. We have an extensive range and are ready to help clients boost their brand in the coming year. Read further to learn more about the 2024 promotional item trends.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Top 10 Promotional Products 2024

Eco-friendly promotional products will be in demand in 2024, as we all experienced the impact of climate change in 2023 and need to live more sustainably. Include cotton shopping bags, wireless bamboo chargers, bamboo wireless speakers with mood lights, and wheat straw push-button pens in your promotional merchandise list. Technology items are always in demand, and everything is going wireless in 2024. A good corporate choice is a power bank with two wireless earphones or a bamboo power bank with a solar panel.

PSI, Europe’s leading trade show for the promotional products industry, states they expect a stronger focus on textiles at the 2024 show. Promotional clothing such as hoodies is on-trend this year, while t-shirts and headwear are always consumer favourites. No promotional product list is complete without a stainless steel or aluminium bottle, easily customisable to fit a client’s branding requirements. Source your products from Tara Slevin Group to stay ahead of the curve.

Innovative Merchandise: Your Key to Corporate Promotional Trends

Your key to corporate promotional trends includes innovative merchandise such as the wireless bamboo chargers we mentioned. However, innovation is not restricted to technology. Personalise corporate gifts for clients based on their interests or select products reflecting your company’s values. Start a trend with bespoke thank-you packs that include items individualised for clients who play golf or enjoy games, to name a few options.

Companies are more sensitive to the impact of stress on employee mental health. Branded stress relievers from Tara Slevin can be customised to include your brand. Our range includes a hard hat, aeroplane, heart, tractor, lorry, and a football.

Strategies for Effective Branding

Effective branding requires your company to be consistent in the message you communicate. Your website, social media, promotional branding at events and business space must clearly show who your company is and what value customers receive from your products or services. You are not restricted to the yearly top promotional products. The best marketing products are often those your loyal customers look forward to receiving each year and depend on your company to provide, such as calendars. The Tara Slevin team will ensure your business calendar is everything you want it to be.

How Can Trending Products Boost your Brand Visibility?

FOMO, fear of missing out, is a modern acronym for a concept that has always existed. People want to own trendy items and tell others about them. Trending promotional products can boost brand visibility when users share their experience with the product through word-of-mouth or social media. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator for specific consumers. GWI’s 2024 Connecting the Dots report on consumer trends states the Boomer generation is scrolling and spending more online. They might be the ideal target audience for nostalgic promotional items.

Measure Success: Evaluating the Impact of Promotional Items

Selecting and branding promotional products carries a cost. Sales must exceed the expense as it is tangible evidence of a promotional campaign’s success. Intangible aspects such as increased loyalty and goodwill are often challenging to measure and might only appear over time. Increased social media engagement and website visits are indications that the promotional items you chose are making an impact.

Tara Slevin Group is a member of Guaranteed Irish and is well-positioned to serve large and small companies. Our expert sales team is ready to help boost your brand with the top 10 promotional products for 2024. Contact us today to discuss your needs.