As we continue to recover and reopen after two years of disruption, industry trade shows are starting to return. Here’s a quick guide on trade shows and their importance.

Types of Trade Shows 

There are several types of trade shows that industries from all over the world participate in. Trade shows give your brand a platform to market and advertise your products. Promotional products are particularly essential regardless of which trade show your business attends. By utilising promotional products that keep up with market trends and developments, you show clients and consumers how valuable your business can be to them. 

Trade shows usually occur at an expo centre or convention centre (and similar venues with an open show floor), but due to the covid-19 pandemic, trade shows have evolved to include virtual events and live events rather than face-to-face events. Businesses can take advantage of this to utilise social media and other online tactics to boost their promotional products. 

The Importance of a Trade Show

The most important aspect of trade shows is the generation of leads it gives businesses or individuals. Trade shows give industries a platform to advertise and market to their customers, leading to potential sales and long-term connections. As a networking event, trade shows allow you to meet like-minded business individuals and learn more about your industry. 

Benefits of Promotional Products at a trade show 

  • Trade shows increase the exposure of your business and promotional products help to keep you on top of the buyers’ mind
  • The promotion of your product will lead to more sales as research shows that products at trade shows are more likely to increase overall sales for a business 
  • The promotion of high-quality products at trade shows improves your brand image
  • Promotional products at trade shows can be used as an alternative marketing tool for businesses that cannot afford full advertising
  • Promotional products that are colourful or elegantly arranged can draw attention at trade shows and capture attendees interest

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