Studies have shown that individuals who consistently record what they do enhance their ability to do it better. Use a work diary with these four tips to get the most out of it.

1. Your Work Diary Will Help You See Where Your Time Went

Can you think of an example of a time when you thought you were on schedule, only to be left with a long list of outstanding items at the end of your workday?

You are not alone. No matter what field you are in, the subconscious mind has a specific form of optimistic bias that underestimates the time that it takes to complete a pending task. Referred to as the planning fallacy, unrealistic predictions have potentially serious costs economically, personally, and socially.

Strangely enough, studies have shown that we are most likely to underestimate completion times about new things we have to do, as opposed to predictions about others’ tasks.

Regular work diaries give you valuable insights about where your precious time has been spent. As such, they are an effective way to limit the occurrence of the planning fallacy. Remind the recipients of your corporate diaries that they are more than just to note important happenings. Encourage them to use them as an evaluation tool that can help them more accurately predict timelines and plan accordingly. They can thank you later!

2. Your Work Diary Is Going To Help You Negotiate That Next Raise, Promotion, Or Lucrative Opportunity With Ease

The past year or two has been rough for most of the world. Even if you felt deserving of a promotion or great bonus, it may be difficult to prove to your boss during an annual review. Whether you have been working from home, back at the office, or a hybrid of the two, having detailed records of your daily experiences is priceless.

In order to avoid overused and inane phrases like “implemented systems and policies for growth”, looking back at your old entries helps to streamline your proposal. Make your application stand out in its succinct and specific description of your scope of your essential job duties.

Using a promotional work diary on a daily basis is your secret weapon to attaining a higher level of success in your career.

3. Your Diary Won’t Lie To You About Your Past Mistakes – But It Will Also Showcase Your Wins And Achievements

When you look back at the previous year, what you see is largely coloured by your outlook. If you are generally an optimistic person, you will view the tough stuff as motivation to keep moving forward. Pessimists are more inclined to judge stressful events as proof that everything sucks.

But key to achieving success in all aspects of your life is a more realistic, balanced point of view. A great way to get an accurate new perspective is by keeping a steady record of specific examples.

Referring back to detailed notes in your promotional diary gives you insight into the real cause and effect of your actions. In retrospect, interruptions are more obviously necessary /a lack of boundaries /a procrastination tactic, for example. Reflecting on this solid list allows you to adjust your working style in a way that benefits you.

4. Your Work Diary Will Keep Your Organised And On-Top Of Things

As well as the numerous benefits of using work diaries listed above, a more obvious merit is keeping track of particular events and important tasks.

Having a visual layout of each full month allows for better planning and less clutter in your life. You have 168 hours a week to use however you want. Block out the time spent at work (40 hours on average) and doing the old boring stuff (around four hours), less sleep (50 hours) and there are 25 hours + weekends to use wisely.

Let your corporate diary be the gift that helps its recipients stay organised enough to maximise that sacred time.

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