Have you considered using virtual event agenda promotional items? Add another dimension to your online event by creating tangible engagement opportunities for your attendees.

Structure The Agenda

Let your attendees know what to expect ahead of time. Let them know when there will be breaks and you can even drop hints about what they can do during those breaks. Your goodie bag or swag bag can contain everything they need to enjoy your event to the fullest. And that swag bag is the key to ensuring consistent participation at your online event.

It Is Important To Build In Breaks To Events

As it is with live events, it is important to build in breaks during your online event. Time must be scheduled for your attendees to step away from the computer and relax, perhaps go and get a cup of coffee.

Use these breaks to continue the brand building. Think of engaging all the senses. Perhaps a branded coffee mug could be delivered ahead of time; perhaps some mood music could enhance the event. You could even consider hiring a yoga expert to guide attendees through some stretch poses so that they can return to the main event refreshed and ready to engage.

Perhaps your scheduled breaks could be an opportunity for co-sponsorship. Why not team up with a coffee or biscuit brand and get them to supplement your goodie bags with their product. Of course, the co-sponsor must align with your brand but there are ample opportunities to be used – even in the breaks – and the added advantage is that this is quite new, so your brand will be seen as innovative and a welcome respite from simply staring at a screen.

Have Attendees Share Photos

Relaxing activities such as themed word searches or adult colouring pages can be included in the delivery and attendees can enjoy these together. Some activities can be competitive and a fun way to share the excitement is to have attendees share photos of themselves taking part or of their finished activity.

At a recent online event, attendees were sent pre-measured ingredients to make a microwave mug cake during a break. All ingredients (and even the mug) were sponsored and the online attendees loved every minute of this easy baking challenge with a tasty outcome. Photos were being shared in the chat and when they returned to the main event, everyone was energized, refocused, and one hundred percent engaged with the event experience.

This can be enhanced with prizes – also giving you more content to post in subsequent days. Remember to repurpose your content – you’ve done the work and created it, now use it in as many ways as you can think of while it is still topical.

Send Reminders To Your Attendees To Take A Break

Whether your event is a virtual trade show, online conference or a keynote speaker at a stand-alone online event, it is important to remember that your audience can easily feel disconnected. It is so easy for a person’s attention to stray. You need to manage their expectations and convey yours too.

Let the audience know how long they will need to focus for and let them know that there will be breaks. People tend to psyche themselves into time segments and it is only fair to value their time. Use your virtual event platform to remind attendees of upcoming breaks so that they will perhaps delay their bathroom or kitchen visit and not miss out on any aspects of your brand’s message.

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