The show must go on-LINE!

Virtual events contest prize giveaways are a great way to increase engagement in your online event or to build excitement preceding the event.

Whenever we adapt, our success relies on identifying limitations and converting them to opportunities. The corporate event arena is no different. The limit we are converting to an opportunity is the absence of tangible moments of connection we would have at live events.

Gamification is an excellent tool to retain the focus of your guests. Playing into people’s inherent competitive spirit makes sense. Try using a live leaderboard on your event platform – whether you are using a custom event app, Zoom, Clubhouse or any other online event platform – to show which attendees are in the lead with the most points or correct answers.

Not only does this make the event more fun and rewarding, it is a smart way to generate new leads and grow your database.

If you are giving prizes, make sure they are branded with your corporate logo. Promotional products will make the winners happy while simultaneously building awareness of your brand.

Pre-event gifts are a good way to increase anticipation as well as ensure that the audience feels a connection and sense of occasion for the upcoming event. You can make a superb first impression by delivering a swag bag right to the registrant’s door – perhaps as an incentive to encourage early registration.

If it isn’t possible to get a physical address for registrants, you could consider a virtual swag bag. These are sent straight to the attendee’s phone and consist of discount codes, free offers and contests run by the host or event sponsors. Either way, giveaways send a clear message: You’re excited about your event and want to make your guests feel welcome, prepared, and included.

Branded Clothing

The most popular items today are branded clothing and stationery, branded edible items, and even bespoke water bottles and USB sticks.

Make sure the giveaway suits the event, rather than throwing in items you have lying around from previous events. Remember to send the bags out in a timely manner.

Clients around Ireland love our branded t-shirts, gilets, and hoodies. Again, choose a clothing item that suits your event – consider the season and the level of formality among other factors. Select something classic or choose from the trendiest products we stock. Then personalise the garment with screen printing or embroidery and add to your event’s longevity.

Branded Caps

Caps are always a crowd pleaser. They are one-size-fits-all and so there is no need to go through the hassle of getting everyone’s sizing correct.

We offer many styles and almost every colour of the spectrum so there will certainly be something to suit your brand and your particular event. Caps really are a great item for giveaways because of the sizing and because they are always useful.

Diaries And Calendars

If your virtual event is taking place toward the end of the year, bespoke diaries and calendars are fantastic gifts. A client who receives your branded diary or calendar will have your branding on hand for the entire year.

Branded Water Bottles

With people becoming more health-conscious and more concerned with environmental issues, a good quality water bottle has become highly prized. The range of bottles and printing techniques available today are astounding.

Branded PPE

No current promotional campaign would be complete without branded PPE. There cannot be a more bold and effective method of creating brand awareness than to have a person wearing your logo on their face!

Additionally, we are not going to be turning back from sanitising our hands any time soon. Branded hand sanitisers are the perfect complement to a promotional mask.

Tara Slevin Group’s promotional products are often used in virtual contests. Contact us to discover what virtual events contest prize giveaways we have waiting for you.