Attention all brand and purchasing managers! If you need branded medical supplies as part of your marketing strategy, we’ve got them!

As the global COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, taking special precautions to protect your employees and customers continues to be a top priority. Medical products play such an important role when it comes to optimising healthcare and in curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.

At the same time, many businesses across Ireland have taken a knock as a result of the pandemic. Just as your income drops, so you need to fork out money for these precautionary products. One way to maximise your spend is to brand products such as a tool for opening doors and masks.


According to recently updated WHO guidelines, the most effective actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include washing your hands frequently with soap and water and practicing physical distancing of at least two metres.

However, when physical distancing cannot be observed, a fabric mask provides a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus when combined with the measures mentioned above, and when used correctly. Even if you think you are healthy, you may have the virus but show no symptoms.

Your mask should cover your mouth, nose, and chin. Adjust the mask to your face so that it fits loosely but still secure enough to stay in place with no gaps. Avoid touching your mask while you are wearing it, and change it if it gets dirty or wet.

Door opening tool 

Opening and closing doors, pushing buttons that others have used is an inescapable part of our daily life. Depending on the material, the coronavirus can last on surfaces like doorknobs anywhere from several hours to days.

Trying to use your elbow instead of your hands is a hit-and-miss affair. Cue a tool for opening doors.

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