There are many benefits of giving away freebies at events. Giving out freebies at events can get people’s attention and increase the popularity of your business. Here’s why you consider freebies or promotional products at events.

The benefits of giving away freebies at events

If you are not utilising promotional items, you are missing out on opportunities to promote and grow your business. Here is why you should include promotional giveaways as part of your marketing campaign.

They increase traffic to your stand

Everyone loves free items. Promotional items help you to attract traffic away from the competition. You can bring people to your stand by providing them with a popular promotional gift they can use often, such as a t-shirt or cap.

Tip: Choose items suited to your target market. For example, professionals will appreciate a pen or notepad. Fitness enthusiasts are likely to visit your booth if you give away tote bags or reusable water bottles. Branded versions of these products are available for order here.

They help people remember you

Freebies help you to stay on a customer’s or client’s mind. Recipients are likely to remember your company if you provide them with something that they can reuse or see often, such as shirts or coffee mugs.

Tip: Choose high-quality branded promotional gifts to increase brand awareness. Tara Slevin Group lets you customise gifts and add your business logo and contact details that will help recipients to remember your company and contact you.

They improve the image of your brand

Gifts will help your business to create a good first impression. Choosing high-quality products will show that you care about providing the best products or services for your clients and customers.

Tip: Show you care by choosing items that customers will appreciate such as the Tara Slevin Group’s range of hand sanitisers and face masks.

They increase your visibility at a low cost

If your business cannot afford to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising, promotional items are a cost-effective solution. Giving away promotional items is a long-term marketing investment as your brand continues to be promoted for as long as the recipient uses the item.

Tip: Tara Slevin Group provides affordable and cost-effective promotional products. Browse categories to find items within your company’s budget.

They add to your visual displays

Events such as trade shows are often packed with booths. Freebies provide you with visual displays that can help your booth to stand out from the crowd.

Tip: Increase visibility by using colourful or creative promotional products, such as our anti-stress emoji balls or colourful lanyards.

They can convey your values at a glance

Promotional items can be used to convey your business values and objectives. For example, if your business aims for environmentally-friendly products or services, you can choose items that are eco-friendly and made from recyclable material, such as our bamboo straws, recycled travel mugs, or recycled drawstring bags.

They help you to generate leads

The best benefit of using freebies at promotional events is that it helps your company to gain leads. A creative, versatile, and high-quality promotional item is more likely to gain a recipient’s attention than a boring business card.

Tip: Don’t forget to brand your promotional item with your company’s logo and contact information so that potential leads can contact you.

Best freebies to give away at events

Some popular promotional products your business can giveaway at events include:

To experience the benefits of giving away freebies at events, browse our range or contact us today!