Where to Find Promotional Notebooks in Ireland

Promotional notebooks are a classic and sought after promotional corporate gift and giveaway. They are still incredibly popular amongst business owners today for numerous reasons including the fact that they are affordable, especially when ordered in bulk, and that you can be sure that clients, suppliers and employees will get a lot of use out of them, ultimately leading to maximised brand visibility and awareness. If you are looking for custom notebook printing in Ireland, Tara Slevin Group is your go-to resource. Here is what to expect from our range.
Types of Custom Notebooks
We offer you a broad and diverse selection of different types of custom notebooks to choose from. Some of our best sellers at the moment include custom leather notebook and custom spiral notebook options. Other popular choices are our wire-bound notebooks and stylish woody notebook designs. Ultimately, whichever type you decide to invest in, we will customise the design to include your message, logo and/or your campaign slogan on the front cover. Colours can also be customised to fit in with your brand.
Sizes of Custom Notebooks
We are able to offer custom notebook printing for notebooks in a wide array of sizes. Choose from A4, A5 and even A6 designs.
Eco-Friendly Notebooks
Looking to really make an impact with custom notebooks as promotional items? You cannot go wrong with eco-friendly notebooks. Currently, we offer eco-friendly notebooks that can be made out of recycled materials, and that are also 100% recyclable themselves. Pair these notebooks with some of our other eco-friendly offerings, such as bamboo pens, and you will have a complete gift to give to a special client or a high-performing employee.
So, contact our team today for more details regarding Promotional notebooks  printing in Ireland. We look forward to assisting you with your order.