Are branded desk calendars effective marketing tools? The short answer is, “Yes!” and the long answer is laid out below.

Desk Calendars Are Actually Useful

To be an effective promotional product, promo items need to be appropriate for the image your clients has of your business, be a useful gift for your business partners and prospective clients, all while highlighting your brand name to your target audience.

Promotional calendars are a great choice, checking all these boxes:

  • Custom calendars come in a variety of themes, guaranteeing one that suits the image of your business and the needs of the recipients. You can choose from bespoke calendars designed to represent your business, desk calendars showcasing uplifting images or your own design, memo calendars with two months and two planners per page, or an eye-catching wall calendar.
  • The universal appeal of promo calendars, especially when displaying images designed to transmit ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone, creates a positive connection with your brand’s identity.
  • Calendar printing increases exposure of your business name and logo, contact information, slogan, and advertising message.

Calendars Continue To Have A Presence In The Home And Office

Promotional marketing gifts signal a beneficial business relationship. A meaningful gift is used on a daily basis over the long term.

Anecdotal office observations show that the average person glances at a nearby wall calendar multiple times per day. The continuous presence of your own promotional desk calendars, especially in a common area of the office, is the perfect option for familiarity and brand recognition.

A promotional wall calendar is a form of advertisement that helps in building brands through its visibility.

Calendars Boost Positive Reputations

Not only are logo calendars good business gifts, they’re also an excellent way to generate a positive impression. Because they come in a variety of styles, for example, work desk or memo calendars, you can find the perfect calendar to add to the professional image of your business.

The large surface area of advertising calendars gives you more space to use clever graphic design to communicate with your clients than is possible on, say, a promotional pen. Let our graphic designers assist you in creating an informative image that provokes a positive impression and prevents misunderstandings.

Before the second half of the year flies by, check out our online catalogue of promotional calendars and other promotional gifts ahead of the Christmas season. For a year-long advertisement that is referenced every day of the year, contact Tara Slevin Group about desk calendar options today.