Considering that 90% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the brand, gifting a work diary is sure to nurture corporate connections. Why a branded diary, though? Read on to discover how a diary will help the giftee, and thereby create a positive association with your business.

Keeping A Diary Or Planner Helps Productivity

Key to the success of your prospect or client is maximising their productivity. In order to work smarter, not harder, effective planning and time management are needed.

Using diary planners helps align a lot of tasks and meetings with long-term goals and key performance indicators. Worker productivity is given a boost when business planning is broken down into annual planning, then monthly and weekly planning so that a full daily schedule can be devised.

Planning Effectively Helps Lower Stress Levels

Encourage the recipients of your corporate diaries to keep organised as a way to lower stress levels, avoid burnout, and take care of their mental health.

One of the benefits of using a planner or promotional diary is easier access to all obligations in a central location. Watch their organisational skills soar as no more time is wasted scratching around on various digital devices or looking for slips of paper. Keeping a to-do list, schedule, list of regular meetings, and financial performance in one place gives you peace of mind that nothing will be overlooked. Then limit your retention needs with one weekly view at a time.

Planning Helps Maintain A Work-Life Balance

One of the favourite features of a corporate diary is the ability to include your personal engagements. Seeing a weekly spread of your commitments lets you plan around the needs of your kids, family, and social life, creating a better work-life balance.

How The Tara Slevin Group Can Assist With Your Corporate Diary Needs

Promoting your organisation with a branded corporate diary promises:

  • A great ROI as a diary is more cost effective than other forms of advertising such as television commercials.
  • Visibility as a dairy is used on a daily basis – often including at business meetings where others will see your company’s name and logo.
  • Long-term exposure of at least 12 months.

Contact the team at Irish-owned Tara Slevin Group for more information on our work diaries – standard or deluxe, spiral-bound diaries, pocket diaries, or our vibrant Coverful range.