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Benefits of using corporate diaries for promotion

Corporate diaries are dead. Long live corporate diaries! This formulaic proclamation rings true in 2020 as many of us gave up on planning ahead thanks to COVID-19. However, after nearly eight months of uncertainty, not only are we adjusting to the “new normal”, but we are also looking forward to [...]

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Promotional products to keep you warm this winter

Up your game this winter. Promotional products are a clever way to keep your brand at the forefront of your clients’ minds. But, as many of us can attest to, unuseful items end up in the junk drawer, (admit it, every home has that one embarrassing drawer!) The key to [...]

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The impact of promotional merchandise in these COVID times

In 2019, the promotional merchandise industry was valued at over $23.3 billion. With the onslaught of COVID-19, economies around the world tanked. While promotional product businesses were not unscathed, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just like you, we are working hard to get back to where [...]

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Top 5 reasons why businesses use promotional products

Promotional marketing products are used to appeal to the interests of your current and prospective customers so that they use them regularly, creating ripples of visibility for your brand. From custom mobile phone accessories to promotional USB flash drives, a thoughtful promotional item is a key aspect of your marketing [...]

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Small business promotional products in COVID times

The current economic situation has necessitated small business promotional products to offer more bang for their buck than ever before. Similarly, as a small business, you want to maximise the impact of your promotional spend by analysing your business, your target audience, and what promotional products are going to [...]

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We Have Branded Medical Supplies

Attention all brand and purchasing managers! If you need branded medical supplies as part of your marketing strategy, we’ve got them! As the global COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, taking special precautions to protect your employees and customers continues to be a top priority. Medical products play such an important [...]

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Branded promotional products after quarantine

Branded promotional products such as travel mugs and water bottles gift your customers in a way that welcomes them to the new, post-pandemic world with hope and optimism. While the emotional message will have tremendous impact, the item is practical and should be used regularly – reinforcing your brand each [...]

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These are the most effective tradeshow giveaways

When you take into account how the COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked the economy, giving your customers promotional bags with logo in thanks for their business is a lovely gesture – and a symbol of holding it all together. Although pretty much everything we took for granted has been challenged by [...]

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Tara Slevin Group’s Diary shop

Tara Slevin Group’s diary shop Are you looking for stylish, unbranded diaries for yourself or your business? Then you need to browse through the diverse selection found at Tara Slevin Group’s online diary shop. These diaries are all minimalistic, affordable and can be purchased both in single units or in [...]

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