Using wall calendars to promote your brand is an excellent way to keep your company top of your customers’ minds.

Best for visibility 

Gifting calendars lets you help your clients be prepared and organised. By hanging your calendar where they can note specific dates as reminders or for projects that need to be completed, your company is displayed prominently.

Best for promotions 

By including marketing events and promotions that you will be hosting during the year on your calendars, your target audience is automatically invited. Make them feel special by informing them first of your schedule of events.

Best for branding 

Use bespoke wall calendars to showcase the uniqueness of your brand. Maximise each page to emphasise the values and mission of your business. Highlight products and services on each page. Use the space around the dates to boost your brand.

With the digital revolution, you may be wondering if printed wall calendars are still a powerful promotional product. Do paper calendars still have clout?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!Data shows that calendars have not only survived the advent of smartphones and the internet, but sales of print calendars have increased. 

A physical calendar is still popular among consumers who often need just a quick glance at the wall to check a date without the schlep of opening a calendar app on their phone or computer.

Office workers like to have a wall calendar visible from their desks, and every home could do with one hanging in their kitchen.

Not only have wall calendars remained an organisational staple, they are also effective as promotional items for your business. Surveys have revealed that about 70% of clients and prospects who receive a promotional wall calendar plan to do business with the purveyor.

What is the best time to start planning for the next calendar year? Any time!

As an Irish, family-run business with 38 years of experience, Tara Slevin Group is the obvious choice as your wall calendar supplier. Contact us for more information on how we can help you design the best wall calendar to make your customers happy.