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  • Cork mouse pad with 15W wireless charger. Connect the mouse mat to yourcomputer or laptop to power the charging functionality. Then place yoursmartphone on the pad and it will start charging it. A mouse pad willenhance the accuracy and use of your computer mouse. This cork pad has anice natural look. Output: DC 9V/1.1A. Compatible with latest Androids,iPhone® 8 and newer. Size 23x20 cm. *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Multi-tool holder and LED torch in ABS casing with metallic finish. Includes 6 different interchangeable screwdriver heads. 3 cell batteries included. *Minimum order quantity: 100
  • 15W Recycled PU wireless charger. Which is 58% recycled (40% recycled polyester and 18% recycled PU. Output: DC 9V/1.67A (15W) for quick charging. Compatible with all QI enabled devices such as latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer.
    *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • 15W dual coil wireless charger with penholder in ABS. Output: DC9V/1.67A (15W) for quick charging. 1 USB-A port power output.Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer. Keep your desk organized and your smartphone charged at the same time with this modernlooking penholder. Simply place your mobile device on the penholder and it will start charging.
    *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Magnetic bamboo wireless charger with stand. Charge your mobile device or smartphone with this desk stand. It is magnetic, so your phone will stay attached to it. Compatible with iPhone® 12 and newer. It includes a additional magnetic metal ring to support charging of other non-magnetic wireless chargeable phones. The bamboo material gives the stand a natural look that looks great in any office or home. Output: DC 9V/1.1A. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which can affect the final decoration outcome.
    *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Wireless charger 10W in bamboo top and ABS base. Connect device to your computer, place smartphone on it and let it charge. Output: DC 9V/1.10A (10W) for quick charging. Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer. Connect the device to your computer or other power source. Place your smartphone on it and the charging will start. The combination of ABS plastic and natural bamboo gives this charger a stylish look and makes it a sustainable choice. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which can affect the final decoration outcome.
    *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • Wireless charger with alarm clock. 10W wireless charger device including white LED time display alarm clock in ABS casing. Contains USB charging cable with type C. Output: DC 9V/1.10A (10W) for quick charging. Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 8, X and newer. This compact alarm clock with LED display is perfect for the bedroom on the nightstand. While you are sleeping, your phone is getting charged with the built-in 10W wireless charging pad.
    *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Pedometer bracelet. Includes step, distance, time and calorie counter. 1 AG10 cell battery included. The pedometer bracelet watch is a great promotional item for gyms, personal trainers etc.
    *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • Beech wood rechargeable torch with 5W 70 lumen ( 1 LED) light. 3 light settings and hand carry strap. Included 300 mAh battery. *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • Camera Cover Provides protection against hackers potentially spying on you, as well as preventing scratches on the camera. Once aligned over the webcam, it needs to be pressed firmly for a few seconds for a strong seal. Then the camera can be blocked/unblocked by sliding the flap to the side. Due to its thin design it does not prevent laptops from closing perfectly. Compatible with most electronic devices with camera. ABS Plastic.
    *Minimum order quantity: 100
  • LCD writing tablet 8.5 inch including writing stylus. Touch the button to erase your drawing. The thin shape makes it an ideal item to take everywhere with you. 1 CR2020 battery included. *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • 5.0 wireless headphones in ABS. Rechargeable Li-Pol battery 300 mAh. Hands free function. Playing time approx. 6 hours. Includes jack plug cable and micro UBS charging cable. Operating range: 10m. *Minimum order quantity: 10
  • Multifunctional 2 tone 300D polyester RPET mouse mat with 10W wireless charger and phone stand functionality. Use a mousepad to enhance the speed and accuracy of your mouse compared to using it directly on the table or other surfaces. It also protects your desk from wear and tear over time. This mouse mat comes with a built-in 10W wireless charger to charge your smartphone when placed on the mat. Connect the mat to your computer or laptop to provide the charger with power. Output: DC 9V/1.1A (10W) for quick charging. Compatible with latest Androids, iPhone® 8 and newer.

    *Minimum order quantity: 15
  • Bamboo wireless stereo speaker in ABS with a bamboo wooden casing. This stylish portable speaker will give your home or office a natural look thanks to the bamboo and the white ABS on the sides. It is compact and easy to take with you. With the rechargeable Li-ion 2000 mAh battery you can enjoy your favourite music or podcasts for approximately 4 hours. In only 3 hours the speaker is fully charged again and ready for the next party. Output data: 4 Ohm, 5Wx2. *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Bamboo USB-C/A hub with phone stand. 4 ports USB-C/A hub in bamboo case with phone stand functionality. Output: 2 x Type-A and 2 x Type-C. Input:2-in-1 Type-C & Type-A. Cable length: 20 cm. *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • Wired / Wireless Powerbank Aluminium power bank with 4000 mAh capacity. Includes Type C connector. Output: DC5V/0.8A. Compatible latest androids, iPhone® 8, 8S and X and newer. *Minimum order quantity: 25
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